Robert’s Story

Robert’s Story

My name is Robert Muyutu.

I am a grade two pupil I was born in 2005 at Kakumbi compound in Kabwe Zambia. Soon after I was born my mother died, and then shortly after that my father died as well. My grandmother took me in, I have been with her ever since.Life has not been easy with us because my grandmother is old and a widow. She is unemployed and we live on hand outs from well wishers. We do piece work from time to time, like going into townships and washing people’s clothes and then they pay us either in food or money. I am very grateful to my grandmother who brought me to the Kakama School of the vulnerable.
When I was seven years old and I was enrolled as grade one in 2011.I am very grateful to the school because it is free, which is good for us because we don’t even have money for it. When I finish school I want to be trained as a teacher. I want to help other children who are in the same situation.Thank you to my teachers and the people who run this school. Thank you to my grandmother who has made it possible for me to be at school today.


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