Mercy’s Life Story

Mercy’s Life Story

Mercy Bwalya Grade one pupil.
My name is Mercy Bwalya. I am eleven years old and a grade one pupil.

I was born in 2001. When I was Only three Years old, My father died.

My Mother was left without any money. So when he died it was very difficult for my mother to settle in one place because she too was unemployed. So we kept on moving from one place to the other in search for a job. As a result I have been delayed to start school. My mother has finally now settled here in Kamushanga compound and I have just enrolled into school for the first time in my life this January.

So now I attend Kakama Community School for Vulnerable Children. My mother went to the teacher in charge of this school and asked if I could be enrolled at this school in grade one at eleven years! I thank God they have allowed me. The teacher in charge is a very understanding man he accepted me. I started grade one and I hope my mother will find something to do here, so I won’t have to move.

My mother cannot afford to take me to government schools, due to the high cost of the school requirements! At this school we don’t pay anything, we learn for free. I won’t find another school that will accept me like this one!


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