Julius Nkandu

Julius Nkandu

Julius Nkandu Grade one pupil. I am Julius Nkandu a first born son to a Mr. Justine Nkandu.I am seven years old and in grade one here at Kakama Community School. My father is unemployed and we live in Kakumbi compound of Kabwe in Zambia. I asked my parents to take me to this school even though it is about 2 kilometres from home. They cannot manage to pay money to put me in a government school.
My parents never had the chance to go to school when they were Young. Not going to school has severely affected our family. So they try and make sure that I go to school every day. I will fight to make a change in my life by getting educated. My parents tell me that education is the only way out poverty .

Before I started school I thought I was the only child in this situation in the whole world! But I was wrong! When I came here last month, I met a lot of children in my situation and some even worse because they have no parents at all. Mixing with them has given me strength to work hard in school. I am happy to be here at this school with these friends because no one will ask or laugh at why I wear these torn clothes.

I thank the teachers for they are very welcoming and teach us about how to behave well in the community. God bless you all who help us, and as you help us we also will help others when we grow up.


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