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The Lillian Memorial Foundation Charity

Caroline’s Background Caroline was brought up in Kabwe, Zambia. Carol’s Father Joseph Haakapya, is a very good man who still helps a lot of children, people and farmers with advice and the little he has to share. Caroline’s deceased mother Lillian Haakapya was a teacher in a different School in Kabwe and was much loved and respected. The charity is named after her.

Caroline’s Mother Lillian Mulomba

How are we involved? About three years ago, we opened a little Private nursery in Caroline’s fathers House for her Sister Malo to run for us to and give her some employment. The Nursery is in Kabwe. Over the past year, children have started to congregate outside, looking in at the swings and children who attend the little nursery. Carols Sister Malo brings the local orphans in after the school day ends as she feels very sorry for them.

Approached Just a before Christmas, my wife and I were approached by the local councillor of Kabwe in Zambia. He asked if Caroline and I would help with the local compounds school (Kakama Community School) as it had fell into total disrepair.

At Kakama School, a solitary teacher (who has been unpaid for almost a year) remains teaching the 260 orphans and vulnerable children who are registered at the school with over 60 directly orphaned. He is a self taught, dedicated and kind man.
Sadly since writing this article our teacher has died of TB. He will be greatly missed!

The building is of very poor quality and has the roof missing for half the building from strong winds. There is no sanitation or water supply. We need to install a water well and have the roof repaired and made safe as a priority. There is little or no equipment. Children often use the dirt outside to learn to write. They attend when they can, as more often they are looking for food. Orphans usually live with distant family or may be taken in by other compound families often with no food themselves. The people of the three compounds try to look after each other but have nothing themselves.

We have taken on the challenge and set up the Lillian Memorial Foundation to act as a charity to fund the Kakama Community School for HIV and Vulnerable Children. This has been a slow process and we find also the need to register separately in the UK. This is slowing us down again. We have started to collect locally and were very happy when the local school Holy Family Catholic Primary School worked hard to raise funds for our project. The work goes on as we urgently need to raise our funds total to above £5,000 to register as a full UK charity.

Why So Many Orphans? Understanding the high orphan rate is often explained by parent self sacrifice! The situation in Kabwe, Zambia is desperate. The Industry has disappeared over the last ten years as the mines closed and moved away. In Zambia Medicines, Doctors and Schools have to be paid for! Ultimately the simplest cold or disease un-treated, lead to death of the parent. As it would be here, any monies for medicines in times of desperation would always go toward the children before ourselves! With HIV and Malaria and even simple deceases being such prolific killers, it is easy to understand the amount of poor homeless and starving children.

Zambians are peaceful people who never have wars. They have over 70 local languages and love farming their lands. They have a small population of about 12 million people. The last few decades have seen many overseas mining companies come and decimate towns and villages, offering very little in return except dangerous mining jobs and a legacy of dreadful pollution! The town of Kabwe in which we have our project is named as the fourth most polluted town in the world!!

The Kakama School children’s faces smile away despite all the terrible events that have become them. Maybe we can bring them a bit of good news?

We would like to have water, education and sanitation immediately. For Orphans meal a day service (when we can afford a Kitchen). A medical room if possible. Please see if there is any help you can give.

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