Water arrives at Kakama School

After a long hard struggle we have finally managed to get tap water to the classrooms for the orphans and vulnerable children! We cannot state how much difference this is making to the children’s lives and must point out how happy they are. The children are actually taking the opportunity to use the water to wash their clothes and clean themselves before going home after classes.

We are arranging another medical team to visit the children this year. Our progress since we started has been slow but we keep going as these poor little children need help so badly. We would like to thank those people, parents, teachers and school children who have help change these children’s lives. Bit by bit we do what we can. We are not a big charity and find it incredibly difficult to raise funds, but with the little we have raised there has been a big improvement.

Now we have water at the school we would love to knock down the old toilets and build a new one for the children. The old toilet has benefitted from the ability to clean it as best as possible but it is so bad it needs to go. We want to build a new toilet block and a wash room for the children to clean their clothes. We have had help from people and officials along the way but without the children of the Holy Family catholic School in Addlestone Surrey England, the project would surely have failed. We want those children who worked so hard to raise funds to know how much they are appreciated in Zambia by the orphans and children of Kakama Community School.

We are currently waiting for new images of the children at the school with their new water supply!
Come back soon.

In Aid of Kakama Community School in the Kamushanga Compound at Kabwe in Zambia

Read about how The Holy Family Catholic School of Addlestone in Surrey UK have helped us for the second
year. We are so lucky that they have kindly supported us with this project! Go to story


The Orphans And Vunerable Children At The Community School In Kabwe.
So Many have been left without parents of Family! Barely Surviving on the small amounts of food they can share off the survivors in the Compounds of Kabwe.

We have Many Orphans who have little or no relatives to assist them in their day to day struggle to simply stay alive. Words will not express How grateful these little children will be if You Can help Them.

These children often think they are alone in the struggle. The School is a place where they find that they are not alone.

The people of the Three nearby compounds try to help by sharing the little they have! Relatives do their best to help. Parents Go without to feed their own and adopted children. There is a good community spirit. Do not think these adults are not trying to change things. It was with help from them that the original school was constructed about 10 years ago.

Sadly, about 95% of local businesses have left Kabwe in the last years, leaving no income for those left behind.

When you are this poor and under nourished Even the most simple of deseases can end your life. Many die from Malaria and Immune deficiencies. It really won’t cost much to save these Children. Please take the time to help us give these children a chance!

200 Children Using these toilets!! Our next project.. please help in any way you can. We must get some facilities urgently.

Kakama Ablutions

Stop Press!! Here are our children in the newly fixed classroom! Thanks so much to Holy Family Catholic School for their important help to these poor children! Thank you to everyone else as well who did their part to improve the lives of these orphans and vulnerable children. The next most important work to the school is to get water to the school and demolish their horrendous toilet facilities. This is most urgent as we worry for the health of the children using the existing toilet block! Please come forward and help us with this most important challenge! Sorry for asking but we need your help immediately! Please contact us today! All donations go directly to working on the School.